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Boycott Leicester

Leicester UCU Statement

In a recent statement, Leicester UCU stated that we actively discouraged prospective students from applying to the University of Leicester. We know that not all of our members agreed with this. We feel that the Executive Board has created a toxic atmosphere at the University of Leicester which is not conducive with a productive and…

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Disappointing response from VC to senior academics’ concerns

Two days ago 72 professors and other senior academics wrote to the University’s Executive Board, expressing their grave concerns with its ongoing redundancies plans. You can read their letter here. The President and Vice-Chancellor’s response is below. The 72 signatories of the original letter are deeply disappointed in the response and lack of engagement with…

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Response to VC’s email

Email sent to all members of Leicester UCU, Tuesday 18 May 2021 On Friday, the Vice-Chancellor sent you an email expressing disappointment about aspects of UCU’s campaign to defend the livelihoods of our members. At the precise moment this message landed in your inbox, your branch negotiators were finalising an olive branch invitation to the…

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Open Letter from professors and other senior staff

An open letter to members of the University of Leicester Executive Board, copied to members of Senate, Council and Court We are a group of professors and other senior staff currently employed at the University. We are writing to express our concern at the current plans for extensive compulsory redundancies within the University. We note…

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Pure Maths External Examiner resignation

Dr Alison Parker, associate professor in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Leeds, resigns as University of Leicester’s external examiner in pure mathematics, saying she no longer wishes to be associated with such a “university”. She has also donated her examiner fees from last year to the maths legal fund. Her…

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